radar eyes opening at C-PS

the radar eyes opening was a nice cap to a hard week or so of construction, installation and preparatory hoo haa.. Around 300 people stopped by

Lots of print heads, new hipsters, neighborhood cholos, crusties, artists, and friends of seripop made their pilgramage to the Sphere on a cold cold nite. The bands The Chandeliers , Fought and ice demons rocked the basement with some kick ass music. We saw peeps from ages ago who somehow heard about the show drop by for the first time. Participating artists Daniel st George II came in from NYC, and DNML came in via MNPLS to hang... And of course the chicago print gurus in the show made a visit.

much love to ringo, matt, luca, mariapaz, skytta and the villager gang for making it work.

Keep in mind...
Seripop's latest installation is a major advance in showing silk screened prints. Be sure to see it ripped off at a show near you soon. We are so proud of them..
they are blowing up!

if you want to check out the show please give us a a holler. it runs til March 22, 2008
773.837.0245 or email ed (at) lumpen.com

some pics from the show and the opening are at

if you are interested in hosting this show in your town give us a ring..

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