we got a forward from our buddy dan tucker re: an action in Chicago and all over the US.

Spread the word.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

The Wall-Street blank check bail-out, driven by corporate greed, is still moving ahead in Congress, so far without the enforceable commitments that JwJ and allies have insisted are needed to Save The
Economy, Pronto. Several national groups and economists agree that we can and must push for a better deal for Main Street.

On September 30, Congress is scheduled to go home to face constituents, during their election cycle break. JwJ is counting on YOU to hit the streets on Wednesday, October 1st to make sure Congress
serves Main Street before Wall Street. We will do this Day of Action whether the Wall Street Bail-out bill has passed by then or not!!

Jobs with Justice members know that Congress needs to act strongly (but not in a panic) to address the immediate financial crisis, but we also need a deeper, long-term restructuring of our economy so it works for everyone.

Our Demands:
Make the people that got rich while creating the crisis pay for the clean-up Restructure the banking system

Short-term: public ownership for public assistance (i.e. equity stake for public cash)
Long-term: re-regulate private finance and expand public and community-owned alternatives
Solve the housing and foreclosure crisis
Commit to fast-tracking a true recovery plan that addresses jobs, infrastructure, pensions, etc.

Local JwJ coalitions are organizing actions across the country. Find your local JwJ coalition and call or email them to find out what they are planning. We are gathering information about what coalitions have planned, and will post a list early next week.

Live in an area where there is no local JwJ coalition? Plan your own action! Send an email to jwjnational@jwj.org and let us know what you're doing!

Here are some ideas:
Rally at Congressional offices
Deliver 'trash for cash' to your federal reserve office
Picket the banks that are asking for handouts without giving Main Street anything in return
Hold a bake sale, and sell junk food to pay for Wall Street junk bonds
Conduct a public survey asking working people what they need a bail-out for
Now that we taxpayers have paid for your local bank, have a party there
Invite the media to hear from people that need a "Main Street" bail-out

Take Action!


Click here to write, ( http://www.unionvoice.org/campaign/step_up ) and call your Representative and Senator through the Capitol Hill switchboard - (202) 224-3121.

Find a local coalition near you and find out what they are planning for October 1st

Plan your own action for October 1st and let us know what you're planning at jwjnational@jwj.org.

What's At Stake:

Over the past 30 years, conservatives successfully gutted regulation and preached 'smaller government' while millions of Americans lost good jobs and Wall Street and corporate America made record profits. Wall Street invented new, more complicated ways to make money off other people's money.

Now that the party's over, Bush & Co. want to plunder the rest of us to pay the bill for Wall Street's greedy rampage.

Tell Congress: Stop the Bail-out; Pass a recovery plan, instead.

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