Join Lumpen & the Silver Room this Tuesday night November 4th for

Enjoy watching the election results at Sonotheque without all the hassles of going downtown and have to deal with over 1 million of your best friends.

featuring in the main ring
John "Bomb Iran" McCain vs. Barack "No Drama" Obama
with the undercard
Sarah "Whaling" Palin vs "Smokin" Joe Biden

"The Rumble Before We Tumble"
"The Bash Before the Crash"

After casting your ballot; watch the election night results with friends, foes and family at Sonotheque. It's politics as unusual with these political pugilists as they slug it out for the heavyweight crown of President of the State of Disunion.

So booze after you choose and watch the results on 4, count 'em, 4 projector screens. You can also vote by choosing special cocktails for each of the candidates.

Cocktails available:
THE VERY, VERY OLD FASHIONED (Bourbon with bitters*, sugar and soda water muddled with orange and cherries on the rocks) - John McCain
* Very, very bitter
THE BLACK VELVET (Beamish Stout with Champagne) - Barack Obama

plus for the working folks from the real America
THE ALASKAN HOCKEY MOM - A shot of Svedka Vodka with PBR - Sarah Palin
THE DELA WHERE AM I? - A shot of Jamison with Miller High Life - Joe Biden

All specialty cocktails only $5!

So if you find yourself between Barack and a hard face and looking for some rip-roaring action get a ringside seat for the race on race.

Hosted by:
Hangin' Chad & Phil A. Buster
Sponsored by:
Joe the Plumber, Tito the Builder and Mott the Hoople

We're also pulling a Paulson and passing out our own Bears Stearnsesque bailout with a night of NO COVER (allowing you to go on your very own Sarah Palin shopping spree to Nieman Marcus).

This night is not sponsored by the Nevada Gaming Commision - so no playing the race card.

Like the election; this event is 21+.

Featuring paintings from Lauri Apple's vice-presidential portrait blog:

Other politically incorrect links:

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