Support the Workers Occupying Factory in Chicago

We received this and many notices like it regarding the state of the workers ccupying the Republic Windows & Doors factory in Chicago.

Please forward:

As some of you may know, Illinois governor Blagojevich was arrested this morning by FBI agents on "federal corruption charges. "

However, what this means in terms of the members UE Local 1110 occupying the Republic Windows & Doors factory: ALL MEDIA ATTENTION HAS SHIFTED TO COVERING THE GOVERNOR, AND UE ORGANIZERS FEAR A RAID AT ANY TIME.

Please, GO TO THE FACTORY at any time today if you can:
Republic Windows, 1333 N. Hickory in Chicago, on Goose Island
(by the North Ave Whole Foods)

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Show your support and be there to observe any potential abuse, raid, and injustice. I know it's raining, and I know many of you work and will be unable to go until later this evening (like me), but please, we can each use our privilege and access to internet/communication networks today to inform as many people as possible about this, through emails and texts.
Sign up for the UE twitter updates at http://www.ueunion.org/ue_republic.html
Also sign up your friends by getting them to send the text "follow ueunion" to 40404.

***PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW, Chicago folks, Movement folks, and beyond


Come to rally! Hear about their struggle!

This week CICWI will host noontime rallies at the plant each day, with the exception of Wednesday's downtown location. The schedule is:
Tuesday, Dec 9 12 noon Republic Windows, 1333 N. Hickory
Wednesday, Dec10 12 noon Bank of America, 231 S. LaSalle
Thursday, Dec 11 12 noon Republic Windows, 1333 N. Hickory
Friday, Dec 12 12 noon Republic Windows, 1333 N. Hickory
Saturday, Dec 13 12 noon Republic Windows, 1333 N. Hickory

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