Prombots_web.jpgFROM THE NERDS:
Geeks, nerds, dorks -- chances are, you didn't attend your high school prom. During college, you were so focused on your engineering/math/science degree that other humans barely registered within your domain space. This is your chance to rectify your oversight without yielding to irrational forces of social pressure, and perhaps enrich your symbolic-semantic inter-nodal linkages, as well! (okay, that was actually gibberish) On June 13th come to Pumping Station One's grand opening event, the Geek Prom!

There will be music, dancing, and some sort of contest based on physical appearance, but we promise that it won't be excruciating or embarrassing! Local tinkerers will bring their latest DIY and hacked gadgets -- stuff that you WISH you had made for your High School Science Fair.

Tickets are available in advance at $15 for a couple and $10 single through Eventbrite.

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