The Portrait Show: Transparent Refect @ C-PS

Transparent Reflect examines portraits and self-portraits relationship in art. The show takes the traditional approach of making a portrait from an observational standpoint and mixes it with the more reflective side of a self-portrait. The artists in the show use photography, drawing, painting and installation works to portray their ideas though a range of formal and abstract approaches. They use religion, sexuality, popular culture and the present economic times to create a response to the current state of the nation. Transparent Reflect questions the notion of identity, and brings forth reflection that is required and lately ignored in today’s society.

Artists: Zach Abubeker
Matt Austin
Kristen Flemington
Adam Golfer
Maureen Peabody
Anna Shteynshleyger
Nick Wylie

Where and When: Co-prosperity Sphere, 3219 s Morgan st, Friday the 21st, 6-11PM


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