Our friend Hannah is starting a regular film and video screening nite at the Co-Prosperity Sphere. Please join us for our first double feature on Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm.
Popcorn is on us .
it's free!

THE EMPEROR’S NAKED ARMY MARCHES ON (120 min, japan, 1987)
After getting out of jail for the murder of a real estate agent, world war II veteran Okuzaki Kenzo attempts to find the source of the mysterious deaths of several of his fellow soldiers, which he suspects were acts of cannibalism. Almost 40 years after the war ended, Okuzaki violently interrogates dying soldiers in an attempt to find the truth about these cannibalistic acts, closing the gap between his aggression and the crimes of his subjects. Documentarian Kazuo Hara films his final and most elaborate attempt to overthrow the emperor system in Japan.

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (95 min, italy, 1980)
A professor goes in search of four missing filmmakers, only to discover footage of their attempted documentary on cannibal tribes in South America. As he watches the footage, he witnesses the obscenely sensational behavior of the filmmakers interactions with the South American tribes. In what appears to be an attempt to form a critique of contemporary culture, director Rugerro Deodato forms a horrifying, racist construction of tribal cultures.

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