Global Justice Movement

Hello all.  I've decided to migrate my running Anti-Capitalism Thread (http://www.lumpen.com/conversation/viewthread.php?tid=5612)  on the Conversation over to the blog.  I started the thread a few months ago as an antidote to all of the libertarian crap that was beeing spammed all over the interned in the days leading up to the total collapse of free-market capitalism. A lot of what I posted was thanks to the people at the Kwazulu Natal University Civil Society Institute and has a strong focus on Southern Africa. I am calling this the Global Justice Movement blog though, because I think it is a more positive term. So, if you like Susan George, Naomi Klein, Chomsky, the Liberation Theologists, the Landless Peasents Movement, Evo Morales and Dennis Brutus and Ashwin Desai.. Stay tuned. If you are a Libertarian who believes that the Invisible Hand Job of the Free Market will Natuarlly Regulate Humanity into a new, utopian era, I suggest staying tuned to Fox..