RNC Check in Follow up

A few weeks ago we hosted RNC/DNC Debriefing & Check In organized by Salem Collo-Julin at the C-PS.

Video screenings, a talk from those who were in Denver & the Twin Cities was followed by some discussion. Many people
shares their experiences to strategize a better future.

Salem sent us this email to follow up on the shared information by the participants. Of particular note is the RNC08.org fund.

From Salem:
For those of you who were interested in the topics but unable to make it, a few of us will be trying to spread the word about our discussion and the range of information/ideas it sparked. Please keep in touch with the list.

Also, CAN-TV, Chicago's public cable access television, taped the event and will be editing it for broadcast in the future. I will let y'all know when that comes together.

For now, a few highlights (low lights?):

Here's an intense video from the press conference that the RNC UnWelcoming Committee put together. This guy is one of the organizers of the Poor People's Parade:

We raised $65 for the Coldsnap Legal Collective -- you can find out more about their work at

We also heard from the webmasters of this site:

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