Hobo King, Anarchist champ: Dr. Ben Reitman

Marc Moscato just sent us a link to his new video:
the more things stay the same
Lumpen cholos will like it.

the more things stay the same from marc moscato on Vimeo.

"The More Things Stay The Same examines the life and world of Dr. Ben Reitman (1879-1942), known in his day as “the Clap Doctor”, “King of the Hoboes” and “the most vulgar man in America”. It forms an endearing portrait of Reitman’s colorful life, and investigates the cultural and social context of his times. From labor unrest to sex education to the genesis of the homeless crisis in America, Reitman’s work continues to have importance and relevance to the hard-hitting issues of today. The More Things Stay The Same not only sheds new light on this lost but vital slice of underground Americana, but also provides an urgent rallying cry for the present."

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anotherholyfuckwit said...

wow, what a grt piece of work lumpen, many many thanx, sum grt pics of the man himself. oh nd for those interested in the bloke AK press publish his book, Sister of the Road: The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha (1937). a canny read in a fantastic series of cult lit, do check the nabat series out.

lumpen sum of your pics would make lush T-shirts eh, might just treat myself this summer. so once again grt work lumpen, keep em coming, as ive B marked ur blog :)