Spam from MAy 3, 2008

We want to thank all of you for making this year's Version especially wonderful, memorable and full of good projects, art and ideas.

We feel great because it was a very focused and sweet theme to pursue, we reached some goals, and trimmed off a lot of fat this year.

Milestones for us:

Our space, the Co-Prosperity Sphere is nearly complete. Believe it or not we have been converting this once abandoned crack house full of junk for over a year and a half. It has driven some of us crazy, caused depression, induced vomiting. But now we feel it's in the state we want it to be in.
Thanks to Mike Slattery, Peggy and Matt for the new gates, Hugs to Ringo and Aron for the finishing touches and big ups to the Villagers for throwing down at crucial moments.

We released our new art magazine Proximity. This project is a big deal for us. We are feeling so good about working with so many different people in Chicago and making connections around the world. It's helping us get to know each other better, widening social and professional networks and helping us have a dialogue about the arts in this city. We hope you will help us make Proximity magazine the resource you want. Give us some feedback. Write for it. Buy your mom a subscription. Read it!

Btw you can buy at Quimbys now...

Version People....
We are so in love with all of the participants that made Version happen again. Especially our guests from LA, Telefantasy Studios; the kids from Space 1026 in Philly; our visiting guest speakers Aron Gach, Jack Bratictch and Greg Sholette; the girls from Germany; and the dudes from Holland. They made Version really special. You made us happy guys. We do this for you!

We had some great epiphanies this year and are ready to raise it up another notch. So thanks. Thanks for helping, attending, showing work, sharing ideas and giving us feedback. We will serve you 'til they pry the guns from our dead hands.

We blogged some pics here:


The future....

So... We are now embarking on a research mission for the next issue of Proximity magazine in Europe. We will be doing some interviews and mapping projects while we attend some festivals in Utrecht (Impakt festival) and Germany (Oberhausen Film festival)

While there we will be hosting the Rotterdam Radar Eyes print show.
Yes! Radar eyes is on the road! The halluconogenic print show that we did back in March will have its debut in Rotterdam May 10 at De Player/

Remember these pics? http://www.flickr.com/photos/versionfest/sets/72057594136155224/

Reuben Kincaid will be in attendance trying to set up some future intercontinental collaborations.

Also in Chill On May 16 at the Co-Prosperity sphere we host two simultaneuos openings.
One is Baby Robots in the Reuben Kincaid Project Room. It's an art show auction group show hosted by the infamous Michael T Rea.

And the big deal show of the month will be the Upset show.
Details below..

Have fun!

see you on campus.

"The Upset"

with Pop Up Shop from NYC’s Coat of Arms.

Opening Night Friday, May 16th 2008, 6pm - 11pm

The Upset, a collective of artists and photographers from Chicago and New York City, is pleased to present a self-titled multi-media art show at Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago. The show features over thirty artists with work ranging from photography, paintings, illustrations, street art, and video installations.

The show, which aims to champion the work of underexposed artists, runs for two weeks from May 16th through May 25th.

Additional hours are May 17th,18th,24th, and 25th from noon-6 pm.
Co-Prosperity Sphere is located at 3219 South Morgan Street in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

The Upset is a community of friends, photographers, and artists who have pooled their talents into an artist’s collective. With a focus on American street culture, The Upset currently curates art events and publishes an independent magazine.

For more information, visit: www.upsetmag.blogspot.com.

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