Announcement: Lumpen is now 17!

July 11th 2008 (7pm - 2am)
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St

We are having a birthday party for the long running counter culture magazine, Lumpen.

Come celebrate 17 years of publishing, mayhem and action with us at the Co-Pro Sphere. We will release #109, the 1968-2008 redux issue and have a little celebration.

We will be exhibiting some 1968 ephemera, posters and art. Poster art from the Paris May 1968 uprising, the Lumpen 1968 issue and other Lumpen stuff (like the Boring Theoretical Party history) from the archives will be on view. You can even take some of this stuff home with you.

In the infinity room we will be featuring a solo show of recent works by Rand Sevilla, noted pioneer of weirdness.

And the rest of the evening features:

Food: 8pm
Korean Polish Bar - B Q til around 9pm....

Karoake!: all nite
the WOR team is going to man the best karoake lounge yet in our secret room right near the bathrooms.

Videos: all nite
Back in the 90s and the earl 2000s they made DVDS. We will screen some old compilations that we made.

Pure Magical Love
Michael Perkins
Hunter Hussar and Daniel Q livin it

Membership and Sign Ups
In this year of getting active we will encourage You to sign up to various projects and stuff at the Membership in Something table! For one you regiser to vote this year with The Artists For Change Group. You can become a card carrying member of the New! Boring Theoretical Party, a Lumpen organization back in the revolutionary 90s that put out the Workers Newspaper.

a $5 donation will go towards the bands and the New Boring Theoretical Party Fund

Thanks for joining us on this auspicious occasion.

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