G.A.A.G. : Guerila Art Action Group wipe your ass

We need more pissed off radical art groups today. One model to follow is the efforts by G.A.A.G.. Born in the 60s they conftonted institutional art giants and challenged them to shut down until the vietnam war was over. They highlighted the complicity of institutions being supported by the military industrial complex and they generally kicked ass. More ass than we kick today that is for certain.

I googled GAAG and found a post by our buddies from Temporary Services, the closest you will get to a G.A.A.G. today. they posted a project on how to wipe your ass. click it to read:

This scan of a text by the defunct group comes from the Summer 1982 issue of Art Journal. It was G.A.A.G.'s contribution to an issue devoted to "Words and Wordworks" that Clive Phillpot guest-edited. You can find Jean Toche's more recent publications (angrier than ever!) at Printed Matter (http://www.printedmatter.org/).

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salem said...

whoa -- that is a loaded diaper compliment! thanks! we are working on a booklet that is an interview between us, stephen perkins of the WC Gallery in wisconsin, and Jean Toche -- we will send you a copy when it's done! xox salem