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The co-founders of the Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom, Steve Lambert, CEO of the Anti-Advertising Agency, and Anne Elizabeth Moore, Executive Director of the Foundation For Freedom, presented four FREE workshops this weekend at our oFFFices to celebrate your personal independence from oppressive working conditions! But we missed it.

The AAAFFF Presents: The Cut-n-Paste Ad Offer Responder!

If you run a website or blog, chances are your email inbox is filled to brimmin’ with offers from friendly advertisers willing to allow you a once- (or maybe twice!) in-a-lifetime opportunity to display their content on your site. Sometimes, sure, they offer to pay for the marketing work you’re doing on their behalf, but sometimes not! Sometimes, they just want to exchange links!

Now, you’re probably aware that you’re under no obligation to respond to such requests for free or underpaid labor—unless you’re really desperate for money, in which case I’d start billing the agencies the industry standard rate of $45 per hour—and saying “no thanks” can get a little old.

So here at the AAAFFF, we’ve developed a simple tool—a form letter, really—to respond to such offers. And instead of requesting the advertisers give us free or underpaid labor, we’re offering them the Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom Award!

Get your cut and paster form letter here:

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