radar eyes coming to chicago

Radar Eyes: A Survey of Hallucinogenic Printmaking

Curated and presented by Seripop and Reuben Kincaid
March 7th - March 22, 2008
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St, Chicago Il

Canadian Print duo Seripop and Reuben Kincaid are hosting a large group show representing the works of experimental printmakers on March 7, 2008. The exhibition contains work sharing a similar aesthetic highlighting the talents of artists and designers making hand drawn, ephemeral work. Many of the prints depict distortions of perception, altered states of awareness and geometric, sometimes hallucinogenic subject matter or compositions.

Featuring the work of:

Featuring work by: Seripop • Xander Marro • Michael DeForge • Ron Liberti • Rob Doran • Daniel St George II • Cody Hudson • Sakura Maku • Zeloot • The Little Friends of Printmaking • Justin Gradin • Jesjit Gill • Tom Hohmann • Nolen Strals • Delicious Design • Nina Logan • Justin Fines • Carrie Vinarski• Mark McGinnis • Raphael Lyons • Lisa Ceccarelli • Dominique Pétrin • Rob Churm • Keith Herzik • Urban Inks • Dan Grzeca • Steak Mtn • J. G. Pizzoli • Luke Frost • Gunsho • Tim Gough • N Freibert • Alphonse Raymond • Other • Dernier Cri • Bongout • Devon Varmega • Matt Hart • Dan William • Tetsunori • Push The Button • Dave Bailey • Michael Comeau • Mille Putois • Sonnenzimmer • Mike Krol • Lizz Hickey • E*Rock • Brent Wadden • Carrie Vinarsky • Matthew Lock • Jared Connor • Alvaro Ilizarde • Luke Ramsey and others!

Previews of soem of the hundred or so prints on display can be found at a Flickr site

Thursday, March 6, 2008 6-9pm
[ Note: this is not open to the general public. rsvp to ed@lumpen.com]

Friday, March 7, 2008, 7pm - 2am
Performance by The Chandeliers, Fought and Ice Demons start at 10pm-ish
$5 cover after 9pm

Saturdays, March 8th and March 15th, 2008 12-6pm

Additional viewings through Saturday March 22 are by appointment and may be
made directly with Co-Prosperity Sphere: by contacting and calling Reuben 773.837.0145

Saturday, March 22, 2008 7pm - 12pm
Performance by The Killer Whales


Version Silent Auction

Friday, February 15 , 2008 7-12pm

a fundraiser for
April 17-27, 2008

Version>08 announces a silent auction of works from local and international artists. The auction takes place at the Co-Prosperity Sphere (3129 S. Morgan), Friday, February 15th, 7 pm to midnight. Most bidding starts at $100.00, and closes at 11pm. Complimentary treats and drinks. Proceeds to benefit the upcoming festival.

Details: http://www.lumpen.com/CPS/future.html.

Artists include: Wesley Willis, Brian Ulrich, Aron Gent, Cody Hudson, Michael T. Rea, Mike Slattery, Seripop, Paper Rad, Sighn, Ryan Davies, Paul Nudd, Albert Stabler, Cayetano Ferrer, Jackie Kilmer, Rand Sevilla, Logan Bay, Ray Noland, Mike Genovese, Justin B. Williams, Jeff Zimmerman, Jeremy Tubbs, Rivkah Young, Judy Natal, Greg Stimac, Jason Lazarus, Lukasz Wyszkowski, Marie Harten, JJ Stratford, Molly Delander, Tertou Uibopuu, Sarah Mckemie, Mimi Ruff, Brian Guido, Caitlin Arnold, Andrew McComb, Claudia Berns, Zach Abubeker, Philip Matesic, Nate Baker, Greg Gent, Anne Lass, Brian Sorg, Joseph Rynkiewicz, Brian Guido, and Victor Yanez-Lazcano.



It's almost like a Mini version festival is going on this week! starting Tuesday! Please check out some fantastic action this week. Especially friday nite at our annual art auction.. thanks....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 8pm
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St
map: http://www.lumpen.com/CPS/location.html

$6 suggested donation

Live Performances by:
Zack Pink Shoes
Calvin Johnson


Wednesday, February 13, 2008 9pm
1444 W Chicago Ave

$5 cover.

Rejects is a regular lumpen party jam we do from time to time. This special nite
features a YouTube/ found video duel between Taran the Videomancer versus Rand the Destroyer. Bring your own urls to your favorite videos and show us what you got between 9-10:30pm.

then the Duel begins at 10:45

Listen to non ironic music spun by the lovely celebrity mystery DJs like Hunter Hussar of the infamous mahjongg clan.

maybe a drink special will be available.


Friday, February 15, 2008, 7- 12 pm
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St
map: http://www.lumpen.com/CPS/location.html
phone: 773.837.0145

A fundraiser for
April 17-27, 2008

Dozens of amazing artists from Chicago and around the world have donated works to help us raise money for our upcoming Version>08. They do it because they are down for the cause.
How about you?
Incredible art. Underpriced. Just waiting for you.
All works start bidding at $100.

Bidding closes at 11pm.
Beverages and treats will be served. Paypal and checks accepted. All purchases are eligible as a tax deductible donation from Public Media Institute, a 501 (3)C non-profit corporation.

Contributing Artists include:
Aron Gent, Cody Hudson, Michael T Rea, Mike Slattery, Seripop, Paper Rad
Sighn, Ryan Davies, Paul Nudd, Albert Stabler, Cayetano Ferrer, Jackie Kilmer, Rand Sevilla, Logan Bay, Ray Noland, Mike Genovese, Justin B Williams, Jeff Zimmerman, Alvaro Ilizarde, Jeremy Tubbs, Rivkah Young, Judy Natal, Greg Stimac, Jason Lazarus, Lukasz Wyszkowski, Marie Harten, JJ Stratford, Molly Delander, Tertou Uibopuu, Sarah Mckemie ,Mimi Ruff, Brian Guido, , Caitlin Arnold, Andrew McComb, Claudia Berns, Zach, Abubeker ,Philip Matesic, Nate Baker, Greg Gent, Anne Lass, Brian Sorg, Joseph Rynkiewicz, Brian Guido, Victor Yanez-Lazcano, Michael DiGioia and others.

About Version
This year Version 08 takes place in Chicago April 17th to April 27th, 2008 in venues throughout the city. Version festival is produced by the Public Media Institute, a non-profit 501(c)-3 corporation based in Chicago. The festival, in its seventh year, brings together individuals, groups and networks that feature or create innovative visual and conceptual art, innovative social practices, public art projects, and new music.



Saturday, February 16, 2008 9pm
Co-AProsperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St
map: http://www.lumpen.com/CPS/location.html
phone: 773.837.0145


If you ever beheld the beauty of an Orphan Schlitz nite then we need not describe what it is like.

Prescription Junkies(rock)
Esoteric Tapioca(acoustic)
Outpost(swamp) tentative

Meg McCarville
Dan Gleason
Salem Watts
Marc Arcuri +
special guest

Also: Pringles Art by Kokie Whirlwind

brought to you by Rueben Kincaid Artist Management


Don't forget to participate in Version>08 DARK MATTER this year.
go to http://versionfest.org to find out how to do this..


The producers of version et al are putting out the greatest art magazine ever. It's called Proximity. http://proximitymagazine.blogspot.com


Random Photos

At the lumpen domain we have a message board called the conversation. (you have to register and log in) There is this very popular thread called random photo.
it might be worth about ten minutes of your time to check some of them out..

yes we can

lumpen expat J. Cookson sends us this independent effort in promoting obama..

As a solo effort by will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas, its an impressive bit of work especially for a 48 hour production. It will be moving the Obama meme that will likely become the main mantra of his campaign if he can win the nomination. It features will.i.am and appearances from celebrities including jazz artist Herbie Hancock, former LA Lakers captain Kareem Abdul Jabbar, singer John Legend, model Amber Valletta, actresses Kate Walsh and Scarlett Johansson, and others.

Making sure that real change actually happens of course is another matter altogether. The "we" in "yes we can" being the operative word necessary here to make such a dream a reality. And “we” need all the help we can get to turn this country onto a path of justice, sanity, responsibility, and healing. The potential to make people believe that change is possible, manifests at this level. Its tapping into notions of identity. Its powerful stuff. And when it is embraced and believed in, it works.


scary: a look at archive.org's archive of old Lumpen websites was terrifying.
but then i found this wonderful look at Lumpen through a designer's eyes.
kind of makes me want to cry.



Our friend Hannah is starting a regular film and video screening nite at the Co-Prosperity Sphere. Please join us for our first double feature on Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm.
Popcorn is on us .
it's free!

THE EMPEROR’S NAKED ARMY MARCHES ON (120 min, japan, 1987)
After getting out of jail for the murder of a real estate agent, world war II veteran Okuzaki Kenzo attempts to find the source of the mysterious deaths of several of his fellow soldiers, which he suspects were acts of cannibalism. Almost 40 years after the war ended, Okuzaki violently interrogates dying soldiers in an attempt to find the truth about these cannibalistic acts, closing the gap between his aggression and the crimes of his subjects. Documentarian Kazuo Hara films his final and most elaborate attempt to overthrow the emperor system in Japan.

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (95 min, italy, 1980)
A professor goes in search of four missing filmmakers, only to discover footage of their attempted documentary on cannibal tribes in South America. As he watches the footage, he witnesses the obscenely sensational behavior of the filmmakers interactions with the South American tribes. In what appears to be an attempt to form a critique of contemporary culture, director Rugerro Deodato forms a horrifying, racist construction of tribal cultures.


Help us Make Proximity Magazine

We are putting out a call to friends and allies in our community and their networks in the hope that you might consider joining us as we start a new art and culture magazine that will come out of Chicago. If possible please consider passing or forwarding this on to anyone you think might be interested in participating.

Thank you for your time,

Call for Participation Proximity Magazine

The producers of Version Festival are announcing a call for proposals for a new project, Proximity magazine. We are seeking writers and critics to join us in producing the beta issue.

:: what is going on::

Proximity is a Chicago-based magazine dedicated to contemporary art and culture. Our mission is to amplify discourse on local and global art ecologies. We hope to serve as a map - of artists, collectives and alternative spaces, as well as commercial galleries, museums and universities - connecting and cultivating sustainable creative communities.

We want to see our practices in proximity to each other. We want to see comprehensive coverage of art practices in Chicago and beyond. Our hope is to promote healthy, diverse and participatory art worlds for all. We feel now is always the time to bring allied fronts in art and culture, criticism and production to a wider audience. We feel that a magazine which covers a wider range of art practice in the city and beyond can help fuel an increased awareness of art in the Chicago mediaverse.

:: specifics ::

Alongside thematic essays and articles, Proximity will feature artist, space and collector profiles, exhibition reviews, critical essays on contemporary art practices, high quality portfolio reproductions, columns and commentary on Chicago and regional art scenes, and an extensive directory. In addition, the magazine's online component will feature city guidebooks, a database of gallery, space, and event listings, up-to-date exhibition and artist reviews, discussions, and commentary too.

Our first issue has a Chicago-centric mapping theme. We are focusing on cultural networks, artist maps, and essays features related to local projects, Version Festival, and the art fairs. We would also like to connect to other mapping projects and projects concerned with experimental geographies, networks and investigations of work that deserve wider critical coverage. We hope to connect Chicago's activities to the rest of the world. And we need your help.

The inaugural issue will be launched during Chicago's springtime art fairs, in April of 2008, and released as part of Version Festival and NEXT Art Fair. 7-10,000 copies will be freely distributed at NEXT which runs concurrently with Art Chicago. Proximity will be presented in all of NEXT's materials and events. The publication will also be given away at all Version Art Festival locations and events. Additional copies will be distributed at galleries, museums, cultural institutions as well as select bookstores and cafés throughout the city and around the world.

Please check out our writer guidelines if you are interested. http://proximitymagazine.blogspot.com/

or email us your queries to :: proximitymagazine@gmail.com