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In the mess that is the Lumpenuniverse, we have decided to shut down the old Lumpen.com website for eternity. See it while you still can. In the meantime we created a new website to park our shit to:
http://lumpenmagazine.wordpress.com. That is where the updating begins.


The Portrait Show: Transparent Refect @ C-PS

Transparent Reflect examines portraits and self-portraits relationship in art. The show takes the traditional approach of making a portrait from an observational standpoint and mixes it with the more reflective side of a self-portrait. The artists in the show use photography, drawing, painting and installation works to portray their ideas though a range of formal and abstract approaches. They use religion, sexuality, popular culture and the present economic times to create a response to the current state of the nation. Transparent Reflect questions the notion of identity, and brings forth reflection that is required and lately ignored in today’s society.

Artists: Zach Abubeker
Matt Austin
Kristen Flemington
Adam Golfer
Maureen Peabody
Anna Shteynshleyger
Nick Wylie

Where and When: Co-prosperity Sphere, 3219 s Morgan st, Friday the 21st, 6-11PM


Umbrellas of Pyongyang

An undated photograph released by North Korea’s official news agency shows a woman directing traffic in Pyongyang on one of the new covered podiums found in intersections across the city, which has no traffic lights.

Updated | 12:00 p.m. Trying to discern what life is like in North Korea by following the country’s relentlessly cheerful official news agency is a jarring experience for anyone inclined to think of the reclusive communist nation as a grim, unhappy place. According to the Korean Central News Agency, things in Pyongyang are eternally looking up.
Read more >> NYT

Easy Listener

Easy Listener, a strange publication that we put out in the late 90s, is returning from its almost decade long exile to Germany. The magazine celebrated architecture, design, music and lifestyles from the 60s + 70s. It bled through popular conceptions of these mythical times and remixed them through homage. It included photos of naked people.

We are relaunching it and are working towards creating the Return Flight issue.

Are you obsessed with groovy cha cha bands, psychedelic pop music, radical philosophers, cocaine, swinging, tragic celebrities, utopian architects, revolutionary groups, visionary designers, Love airline, or a space age plastic fantastic machine? Do you still listen to your lounge and easy listening muzak? Is it a bit too retro in your Living Room? Still go to Tiki Bars?

Then this is your day.

We are seeking writers and photographic projects that are suited for the Get Easy! set.

if you are interested: you know what to do. We are accepting pitches for editorial now!

Here is a blast from the past.


Lumpen relaunching rumor

Word on the street is that we are re-doing, re-designing and re-distributing the Lumpen magazine. It will be available nationally again. for free in selected shops.
If you want it distributed in your town. contact us.
edmarlumpen at gmail dot com.



geighties Nite

July 22, 2009 9pm
1444 W Chicago

Geighties Night
A misdirected fantasy begins presented by Lumpen.

Featuring New Wave Romantic music from back to the future and in between days.

Live sets by:
Members Only (Edmar, Ken Zawacki and Michael Fucking Perkins)
Bobby Conn and Monica Bou Bou

DJ Le Deuce
VJ Boy With a Thorn in His Side aka BrĂ¼nerd

Free if you are wearing eye make up
$ 3 cover if you do not wear eye makeup.


totally wrong comedy open mic nite

Lumpen is hosting a comedy Open mic put together by Nick Bahr and the Big Man.
It takes place at Kaplan's Liquors (960 w 31st st) Monday, July 13 at 10:30pm to midnightish. Bring some.

In other comedy news.. our buddy Douggpound appeared in a recent Showtime tv show..


Chris Smith @ Eastern Expansion

July 10, 2009
Chris Smith Installation
@ Eastern Expansion
244 W 31st Street

Opening reception July 10, 7-10pm

Philosophical Husband-Tetsuo
Christopher Smith
A sculptural adaptation of two Japanese films made in the early 1990’s level the ecology of its images with that of post consumer waste. A dystopic landscape of obsolete electronics, various polymer based products and the few remainders of something once organic will [...]



Mr Hairy Freedom on July 4th


Hitler finds out Michael Jackson has died (Der Untergang remix)

"Adolf Hitler is pretty pissed off to learn that Michael Jackson has died and won't be able to perform at his birthday party. Evidences the true marks of a great internet meme: infinite expandability, extremely bad taste in multiple respects, and an unfairly long lifespan." - boing boing reblog

re: Independence: Spinning the Honduran Coup

Latin America Media Battle Continues


Read or listen to the mainstream media these days and you get the impression that Sunday’s coup in Honduras was all about a simple disagreement over the constitutionality of presidential term limits. But as the coup unfolds it’s becoming clear that the authorities want something more: the restoration of Honduras’s conservative political order and an end to President Manuel Zelaya’s independent foreign policy which had reached out to leftist countries like Cuba and Venezuela.