geighties Nite

July 22, 2009 9pm
1444 W Chicago

Geighties Night
A misdirected fantasy begins presented by Lumpen.

Featuring New Wave Romantic music from back to the future and in between days.

Live sets by:
Members Only (Edmar, Ken Zawacki and Michael Fucking Perkins)
Bobby Conn and Monica Bou Bou

DJ Le Deuce
VJ Boy With a Thorn in His Side aka BrĂ¼nerd

Free if you are wearing eye make up
$ 3 cover if you do not wear eye makeup.


totally wrong comedy open mic nite

Lumpen is hosting a comedy Open mic put together by Nick Bahr and the Big Man.
It takes place at Kaplan's Liquors (960 w 31st st) Monday, July 13 at 10:30pm to midnightish. Bring some.

In other comedy news.. our buddy Douggpound appeared in a recent Showtime tv show..


Chris Smith @ Eastern Expansion

July 10, 2009
Chris Smith Installation
@ Eastern Expansion
244 W 31st Street

Opening reception July 10, 7-10pm

Philosophical Husband-Tetsuo
Christopher Smith
A sculptural adaptation of two Japanese films made in the early 1990’s level the ecology of its images with that of post consumer waste. A dystopic landscape of obsolete electronics, various polymer based products and the few remainders of something once organic will [...]



Mr Hairy Freedom on July 4th


Hitler finds out Michael Jackson has died (Der Untergang remix)

"Adolf Hitler is pretty pissed off to learn that Michael Jackson has died and won't be able to perform at his birthday party. Evidences the true marks of a great internet meme: infinite expandability, extremely bad taste in multiple respects, and an unfairly long lifespan." - boing boing reblog

re: Independence: Spinning the Honduran Coup

Latin America Media Battle Continues


Read or listen to the mainstream media these days and you get the impression that Sunday’s coup in Honduras was all about a simple disagreement over the constitutionality of presidential term limits. But as the coup unfolds it’s becoming clear that the authorities want something more: the restoration of Honduras’s conservative political order and an end to President Manuel Zelaya’s independent foreign policy which had reached out to leftist countries like Cuba and Venezuela.

jerry vs jerry

by our lovely TV Sheriff
all of his genius here

Das Racist - Chicken And Meat


The Coming Insurrection

The Coming Insurrection is an eloquent call to arms arising from the recent waves of social contestation in France and Europe. Written by the anonymous Invisible Committee in the vein of Guy Debord—and with comparable elegance—it has been proclaimed a manual for terrorism by the French government (who recently arrested its alleged authors). One of its members more adequately described the group as "the name given to a collective voice bent on denouncing contemporary cynicism and reality." The Coming Insurrection is a strategic prescription for an emergent war-machine to "spread anarchy and live communism

Just picked up the book version printed in English by Semiotext.
A link was sent to us by a poster on the Conversation.>

Palin Resigns

Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate who electrified her party's campaign last year, has resigned as Alaska's governor in a dramatic decision that has fuelled speculation she is positioning herself to run for president.

The video of her resignation speech is bizzare. Just wait it out a few minutes. A horrible reminder that this person will not go away. And may one day be our President. Makes me kin dof like Obama again.


Iran's post election fears Persepolis style

Since the Revolution in 1979, Iranians have coped with an increasingly repressive regime. Attempts for greater social and political freedoms have resulted in brutal crackdowns by the hardline government. The ensuing apathy and significant boycott of the 2005 presidential elections led to the election of the ultraconservative mayor of Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Four years later Iran has become increasingly alienated and its people more polarized than ever before. The campaign of former Prime Minister Mir Hussein Moussavi galvanized voters hoping for change, especially among the youth – two thirds of Iran’s population is younger than 32. On June 12th 85% of eligible voters cast their ballots and what happened next changed Iran forever…

read the comic here