Easy Listener

Easy Listener, a strange publication that we put out in the late 90s, is returning from its almost decade long exile to Germany. The magazine celebrated architecture, design, music and lifestyles from the 60s + 70s. It bled through popular conceptions of these mythical times and remixed them through homage. It included photos of naked people.

We are relaunching it and are working towards creating the Return Flight issue.

Are you obsessed with groovy cha cha bands, psychedelic pop music, radical philosophers, cocaine, swinging, tragic celebrities, utopian architects, revolutionary groups, visionary designers, Love airline, or a space age plastic fantastic machine? Do you still listen to your lounge and easy listening muzak? Is it a bit too retro in your Living Room? Still go to Tiki Bars?

Then this is your day.

We are seeking writers and photographic projects that are suited for the Get Easy! set.

if you are interested: you know what to do. We are accepting pitches for editorial now!

Here is a blast from the past.

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