Oct 17 :: Lumpen magazine release party

A lot is going on this weekend... We are sorry but we just had to release the magazine so we could get Paul Nudd's Sarah Palin portraits out into the universe as widely as possible.

Lumpen Release Party.
Friday October 17, 2008 9pm
Co-Prosperity Sphere 3219 S Morgan St
$5 please

We are releasing our next issue (#110) and having a special guest from Holland perform. You do not want to miss Harry Merry.

The issue features the Subjective Atlas of Chicago a contribution to the upcoming Select Media Festival.

And it also contains some wonderful portraits of Sarah Palin. like the one above... and the one below:

A limited supply of posters will be available at the opening. Come by check out the mayhem.
All proceeds go to making the shit happen.

Performances by:
Dave the Lightbulb Man
Harry Merry
J + j + J (Dj set and light show extravaganza)
DJ Rand Sevilla
with Thunderhorse on the visual aids

See a harry merry video here...

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