No_Lympic Chicago update

by Ben Joravsky at 5:16 p.m. via Chicago Reader

Good news on the Olympic front, at least for Chicago: the upper house of the Japanese parliament signed on to a plan to fund the 2016 Olympics if the International Olympic Committee awards them to Tokyo.

My condolences to the Japanese taxpayers.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S. of A., neither the city or the federal government has yet agreed to back the games. According to a recent Tribune article by Laurie Cohen and Kathy Bergen, this is supposed to be a bone of contention between Chicago's Olympic planners and the IOC, which wants the government (federal, local--any will do) to pony up. My suggestion to the IOC is to forget about Chicago and just give the games to Japan.

In addition, the local Olympic opposition movement is gearing up. You probably already know about the April 2 rally--it starts at 5 PM at Federal Plaza (that's 50 W. Adams). But now they're going to have a march after the rally, moving north on LaSalle to City Hall and then east to the Aon Center, home of Chicago's 2016 Olympic committee.

"I'm going to pick up the permit for the march tomorrow," says Bob Quellos, a member of No Games Chicago.