Aspen one of the best art mags ever

I love ubuweb
just found Aspen

Aspen was conceived by Phyllis Johnson, a former editor for Women's Wear Daily and Advertising Age. While wintering in Aspen, Colorado, she got the idea for a multimedia magazine, designed by artists, that would showcase “culture along with play.” So in the winter of 1965, she published her first issue. “We wanted to get away from the bound magazine format, which is really quite restrictive,” said Johnson.
-from the Aspen electronic version. They are very modest... I think most arty art mags were inspired by these guys.

i once had the pleasure of seeing these in person at a local Fluxus collectors home. Talk about fetish item! Peep some nice images from Aspen 7 The Gay Atomic Coloring book by Eduardo Paolozzi


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