Midwest Radical Culture Corridor tonite at InCUBATE

The MRCC hit Chicago last nite and they are drifting thru town.
Check out their blog for more details..

Saturday, June 7, 2008
7 PM

Art of, with, as, for, in...AND Revolution. Art and Revolution!
MRCC/Continental Drift presents Gerald Raunig with Dan S. Wang at InCUBATE

2129 North Rockwell
Chicago, Illinois


Gerald Raunig is a theoretician of art and social action who is now gaining an English-speaking readership. His book Art and Revolution: Transversal Activism in the Long Twentieth Century was published by Semiotext(e) in an English translation last year, and in recent months his articles have been published in Artforum, including a meditation on the meaning of "the breach" in this month's special issue on May of ¹68.

Raunig¹s ideas continue in the tracks of Antonio Negri and other radical thinkers, are informed by first hand experience in the activist milieu of the contemporary Viennese and European left, and are especially relevant to those who work on the politicized cultural front. He has worked with and engaged in ongoing exchanges with Gene Ray, Brian Holmes, WochenKlausur, and others familiar to people working in the Chicago scene for a number of years now. Wang, who first met Raunig in 2005 and has been intrigued by his ideas ever since, begins the evening with some questions for him, using his book as a starting point. From there, they will touch on and compare practical experiences in art and activism, and continue to open up the conversation to include
questions and ideas from the audience. Please join us!

Gerald Raunig is the co-ordinator of the transnational, multi-lingual research projects republicart and transform, the work of which has been disseminated as books and online through the eipcp.net website. Gerald Raunig also serves EIPCP (European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies) as a lead administrator. He lives and works in Vienna. This will be his first appearance in Chicago.

Dan S. Wang is an artist and writer. He was a co-founder of Mess Hall, works with Red76, writes about new Black art, is lately obsessed with the Chinese language, and for years has devoted labor to a range of activist projects.

The Midwest Radical Culture Corridor is a place, a network, and a state of being.

Continental Drift is an ongoing, multi-form research project and experimental seminar devoted to the impossible task of articulating the immense geopolitical and economic shifts which took place between 1989 and 2001, the effects of which are still being played out in the emerging bodies of governance and in the rise of new social and identity constructions. The question of What now? is precisely at the core of its study.

For ten days this June, Continental Drift travels the MRCC. For more info on Continental Drift, see http://brianholmes.wordpress.com/.

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