What is Public Media Institute?

Many of you who know about Lumpen and our space the Co-Prosperity Sphere don't know that the parent .Org of many of our other projects like Select Media Festival and Version is the non profit arts organization, Public Media Institute. In this year of the Weird Turning Pro, the PMI website is now up. Everything you wanted to know about PMI is now in a sweet little infoblurby website. From the site:
Public Media Institute is a non-profit community-based grass roots arts and culture organization based in Chicago established in 2001. Our mission is to promote art, technology and social activism in order to transform people - socially and intellectually – through the production of festivals, events, exhibitions, community projects, artifacts and other media.

Programming includes two international annual arts festivals, Version and Select Media Festival and Proximity Magazine, the international arts and culture journal that debuted at in April, 2008

Public Media Institute also produces artifacts and showcases emerging and established artists and cultural workers, in the communities that they live in. Public Media Institute is committed to engaging the questions of our youth and residents of our communities through education, activism, events and media. Our projects address the conditions in the participants’ lives and the networks that connect everyone globally.

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