Hyping Iran, Ignoring Mexico

I was just thinking about the fact no one gave a crap about the stolen elections in Mexico a while back and here is the man, John Ross, reminding me all about it:

Hyping Iran, Ignoring Mexico
The New York Times and Stolen Elections


Mexico City.

A stolen election by an entrenched regime? Opposition charges that more votes were cast than ballots distributed to the polling places? That independent electoral observers were barred from witnessing the vote count? Demands for a recount to which election officials respond by offering to recount just 10% of the vote? A regime-controlled media that exalts the incumbent's victory and demonizes the loser? The use of alternative media by the opposition to get their side of the story out? Massive street protests by millions of peaceful demonstrators waving homemade signs and wearing bracelets displaying the color of their movement? At least 20 protestors gunned down by authorities and paramilitaries? Worldwide moral indignation stirred up by the international media?

Iran 2009? Yes!

Mexico 2006? Yes and no.

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