June 1, 2009 : 9pm
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S. Morgan St

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The Unbroken Circle Of Broken Things

TrutheaterTheater presents a tale about the unbreakable spirit energy of love. The company of four intermixes costumes, puppets, shadows, jokes, song and dance with live and prerecorded sound to create a captivating 40 minute psychedelic narrative. . .

In the words of Morgan Fitzpatrick of Puppetuprising.org,

"TRUTHEATERTHEATER are an elusive troupe of actors, silkscreeners,
puppeteers, noisemakers, musicians, videographers and illusionists from
Providence, Rhode Island whose performances are akin to mystical rites of
passage that is the digestive process of transforming truth into theater."

TrutheaterTheater Company Members (Spring 2009) :

Peter Glantz is a theater and film maker known for video collaborations with bands Lightning Bolt, Lavender Diamond, and The USA is a Monster as well as his frequent theatricks with trutheatertheater, Killing My Lobster, and Califunya – The Most Beautiful Show That Ever Lived.

Erin Rosenthal is a creator of shadows, costumes, toys, screenprints, and sounds. Her artwork has recently been published in The Ganzfeld and in Flowing Well, a collaborative self-published newsletter with Leif Goldberg.

Roby Newton is a puppeteer, projectionist, musician, and builder, working frequently with light and kinetic objects. She has travelled extensively in the United States, Europe, and Japan with various bands and puppet shows.

Leif Goldberg is a graphic artist and performance collaborator whose work follows a deliberate intuitive improvisational process. His drawings and prints have been published in the recent notable anthologies Hopital Brut and Kramer's Ergot.

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